Theory and Practice in Discourse and Dialogue for Interactive Systems

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Assignment 4: Dialogue System
Due Nov. 24

You are allowed to use any of the tools that come included with the CSLU toolkit. It is more than sufficient to use only the RAD interface as described in the RAD tutorials (1-21). However, you may also use the other feature of the system, such as, the SABLE markup tools (e.g. for ToBI pitch accents), image maps, and Tcl/Tk programming for control and web access.

Note that Tcl/Tk and the SABLE support are somewhat quirky, so using them is not necessary for full credit on the project. The trade-off is that better technology opens up more options for you and can result in a better system, but it also introduces more risk.

Of course, big, complex systems don't necessarily equate to better results (or marks). While the amount of time you spent on the project is important, it's more important that you demonstrate understanding of the concepts and present your work in a clear way. (Creativity is good too :)

Hand in:
  1. Files that make up your dialogue system
  2. Instructions on how to run and use the system
  3. The transcript of an actual interaction with the system
  4. (Documentation: If you write any code, it should be documented.)