Sam Goes to School: Story Listening Systems in the Classroom

Colleen Kehoe1, Justine Cassell2, Susan Goldman1, James Dai3, Ian Gouldstone3, Shaunna MacLeod1,
Traci O'Day1, Anna Pandolfo3, Kimiko Ryokai3, Austin Wang3
1LITD Center, 1007 W Harrison St., University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL 60607
Tel: 312-355-6515, Fax: 312-355-3930
2 Media, Technology & Society, Northwestern University
3 Gesture and Narrative Language Group, MIT Media Laboratory
Email: {colleenk, sgoldman , shaunna, today},, {whisper, grits, ap, kimiko, aus}


Abstract: The goal of this research is to develop and evaluate the effect of Story Listening Systems in promoting emergent literacy activities and ultimately literacy skills through storytelling. This poster reports the results of two design studies with a system called "Sam". Results led to key decisions in the design of future experiments.