Crowd and Group Simulation with Levels of Detail for Geometry, Motion and Conversational Behaviour

O’Sullivan, C. Cassell, J. Vilhjálmsson, H. Dobbyn, S. Peters, C. Leeson, W. Giang, T. and Dingliana, J.

Trinity College - Dublin, MIT Media Lab

ABSTRACT:Work on levels of detail for human simulation has occurred mainly on a geometrical level, either by reducing the numbers of polygons representing a virtual human, or replacing them with a two-dimensional imposter. Approaches that reduce the complexity of motions generated have also been proposed. In this paper, we describe ongoing development of a framework for Adaptive Level Of Detail for Human Animation (ALOHA), which in-corporates levels of detail for not only geometry and motion, but also includes a complexity gradient for natural behaviour, both conversational and social.