Theory and Practice in Discourse and Dialogue for Interactive Systems
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Computational Linguistics and Discourse 

[Tetreault's Corpora/Annotation List] Scroll down to see Joel Tetreault's extensive list of existing corpora and annotation schemes.
[Electronic Bibliography on Discourse Analysis]
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[Association for Computational Linguistics]
[Natural Language FAQ]
[Natural Language FAQ - Carnegie Mellon]
[The NLP Dictionary]
[Linguistic Data Consortium]
[The Linguist List]
[Computational Linguistics Archive at MIT AI Lab]
[Linguistics Databases at the MIT Libraries]
[AAAI Fall 1997 Symposium on Communicative Action in Humans and Machines]
[AAAI Fall 1999 Symposium on Psychological Models of Communication in Collaborative Systems]

Conversational Characters and Systems

[Peedy at Microsoft Research (Gene Ball)]
[Steve at the University of Southern California (Lewis Johnson, Jeff Rickel)]
[Cosmo at North Carolina State University (James Lester)]
[The Woggles at Carnegie Mellon University (Joe Bates)]
[TRAINS at the University of Rochester (James Allen)]
[Jupiter Weather Forecast at the MIT SLS Lab (Jim Glass)]
[Collagen at MERL (Charles Rich, Candace Sidner)]


[CiteSeer - Scientific Literature Digital Library ]
[ Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication]
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