Theory and Practice in Discourse and Dialogue for Interactive Systems
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Course Requirements


Each week, before Tuesday noon, students must submit (through the Weekly Question Submission form) an interpretive motivated question about each of two readings (e.g. 2 questions), or a single question that synthesizes two readings, or that explicitly addresses a single issue found in two readings.

In addition, each student will serve as "class leader" one time this quarter. Class leaders are responsible for identifying the key themes in the week's readings and synthesizing their classmates reactions and questions about the readings. At the beginning of each class, the class leader(s) will introduce the week's topic and lead a 20-30 minute discussion on key themes and questions. Students may use slides to direct this discussion, although slides are not required. If slides will be used, they must be emailed to Darren Gergle ( by 1:30pm on Wednesday, prior to class. In the weeks where two students are assigned as class leaders, the students should work together to prepare and lead the introduction.

There will also be a number of assignments. Assignment 1 is already described, and will be due on October 31st.



All of the course readings will be available electronically, and linked to the syllabus.  

Various computational linguistics tools will be made available to students.