Theories and Technologies for Discourse and Dialogue
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Overview of Theories and Technologies of Discourse and Dialogue
September 21
Justine's slides

General Structure of Discourse and Conversation
September 28
Presenters: Daniella and Francisco
Justine's slides

Intention and Purpose
October 5
Presenters: Bahar and Wei Min

Reference and Coherence
October 12
Presenters: Louis and Kris

Intonation and Information Structure
October 19
Presenters: Francisco and Daniella

October 26
Presenters: Bahar and Wei Min

Turn-taking, Initialization, and Breaking out of Conversation
November 2
Presenters: Daniella and Justine

November 9
Presenters: Louis and Wei Min

Developmental and Educational Discourse
November 16
Presenters: Francisco and Bahar

November 30
Presenters: Louis